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Tech News Today
Episode 61

Tech News Today 61: Fake Winkers And Beard Dialing

Google Voice targets Skype, Apple sets a date, and Comic Sans makes people do stupid things.


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Attorneys General from 17 states sent a joint letter to Craigslist Tuesday demanding that the adult services section be removed from the site. The letter repeated the claim that Craigslist does not adequastely screen ads in the section. Craigslist has responded to previous similar accusations that it works with law enforcement to pursue people who break the law by misuing the site.

ComScore figures show that Facebook now has 20.9 million users, passing Google's Orkut which has 19.9 million.

The German government on Wednesday proposed new restrictions on employers’ use of Facebook profiles when recruiting. The proposed law would let managers search publicly accessible information about applicants on the Web and view their pages on job-networking sites, like LinkedIn but would not allow hiring managers to use social-networking sites like Facebook.

  • Variety reports that the creators of the popular iOS game Angry Birds are shopping the concept around to toy makers and hollywood execs, hoping for spinoff merchandise and either a TV or movie deal.

AMD unveiled details of two new microprocessor architectures “Bulldozer” for high-performance PC and server markets, and “Bobcat” for low-power notebook and small form-factor desktop markets. These are AMD's first new-from-the-ground-up designs since the original Opteron,and mark the biggest departure from existing hardware since AMD introduced the K7 in 1999.

Cisco predicts that streaming video (including 3D content) is expected to more than quadruple bandwidth demands by 2014. CEO John Chambers also predicts that in ten years holograms over IP will become commonplace. Apparently, Verizon has been conducting experiments with holograms over its FiOS network.

Microsoft's internet explorer 9 is starting to hit the rumor mill. An image from russia has surfaced showing what the new browser might look like., The beta comes out sept 15th with a bunch of features trying to make it a more competitive and the russian source also says iie9 will have tear out tabs that work liek the aero snap feature in windows 7 putting 2 windows side by side... oh oh...oh!

A new Commodore 64 will be available by Christmas according to Commodore USA. The new model will be called the Commodore PC64 and be an all-in-one computer housed in an exact replica of the original Commodore 64's case. The new PC64 sports a dual-core Intel Atom D525 CPU with Nvidia Ion2 graphics, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB hard drive, DVD/CD optical drive, integrated 802.11n WiFi, and a 6-in-1 media-card reader....and presumably runs Windows.

Kickers and Weird Science



Ken: We got a call from someone using Google Voice

Anonymous Two got his iTunes hacked


Email from Scott:

Great show! About cable TV declines. The change over from analog to digital over the air TV has an affect. Local TV stations now have multiple channels with weather, movie, and classic TV programming. The local PBS station has a kids channel. OTA may be old school, but it it priced right. FREE.

Email from Cynthia:

I got a kick out hearing my email read over the air and I'm delighted you all had so much fun with it. I've gotten a lot of milage out of it myself. I'm a playwright in NYC.

I did not click on the ad because a used to work for text messages company, UPOC, that had a dating component and I was one of the people paid to ""flirt"" with other's on the site so they would think there were people interested and text more and thus produce more revenue for the company. I had several different profiles; I was a man in my 20s, 30s 40s, a woman in various age ranges, a lesbian and a gay man. All profiles had photo taken from photo bucket and looked real. I will never join a internet dating site as I will never believe the person I'm chatting with is real. I've been on the other side.




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