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Tech News Today
Episode 62

Tech News Today 62: Batteries not infectious

Wireless iTunes syncing, H.264 royalty-free forever, and drunken server shooting


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Patrick D: First caller has a question for cable TV companies

Anonymous: A tip for life and femtocells


Email from Barry:

For the sake of discussion, I want to take the other side on the Medal of Honor question. If I understand correctly, I have the option of playing as a member of the Taliban and hunting and killing American troops at a time and place where this is actually happening. And this is okay, because of EAs commitment to artistic expression. My question is how far are you willing to extend this rationalization? EA has all of that great face mapping software from the Madden games. Why not create likenesses of actual American troops? Name tags an d all? That would really bring the cost of war home to the gamers? How about adding Al Qaeda, even bin Laden as playable characters? In the end you have no choice but to let the market decide, but it seems kind of facile to just write off legitimate concerns about appropriateness with the old "just don't but the game." - Barry

Email from Dr. Mom:

Dear TNT Team,

It's not just PayPal accounts that are being hit, I just got a call from my bank stating that there were multiple out of the country charges on the credit card I have linked to my iTunes account. Fortunately they voided all the charges so it's not costing me anything but I know that I didn't fall for any phishing schemes since I NEVER open those kinds of e-mail or click on links in e-mail. When I talked to the person at the bank they said that they are getting hundreds of these bogus charges coming through in the past few days. Something is going on & it's got to be with iTunes.

Dr. Mom



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