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Tech News Today
Episode 64

Tech News Today 64: Side Effects May Include Death

We get jet packs, Digg gets punked, and your house is in a movie.


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  • As of today Roku is offering their Roku SD, HD and HD-XR products for $59.99, $69.99 and $99.99 respectively.
  • TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4 - RSVP to


Kevin in Kansas City: Our caller has a question about the clothing with batteries woven in.


Jack from NJ writes:

Here's an article in repsonse to the story that the h.264 video format will be free. Firefox still doesn't like the format.

H.264 Will Be Royalty Free For Internet Video Forever, Kinda, Mozilla Still Doesn't Care

Couple this artcile with the earlier blog posting from the yourtube team of why they don't like HTML5 and it still doesn't look like h.264/HTML5 is a clear winner yet.

Flash and the HTML5 <video> tag

It looks like unless you're on an iDevice, flash will still be the video delivery mechanism of choice for the foreseeable future.

Smashbrosboy writes:

Hey TNT crew, I was just listening to Friday's discussion about Google's introduction of Google Voice into Gmail and how this could possibly light the way for data-only plans for Android phones, letting them use 3G or Wi-Fi to make GV calls. Leo brought up the idea of using Google Voice everywhere on the iPod Touch with a Mi-Fi but dismissed it as Apple does not allow it. As it turns out, you can still use an iPod Touch with Google Voice.

If you are lucky enough to have a Gizmo5 account, you can connect this with Google Voice and forward all calls to one of the SIP apps in the App Store. Using Google Voice's website on the iPod Touch to place texts and calls, you now have a phone using only an iPod Touch and a Mi-Fi.

Stephen writes:

I love watching your show and all the other shows. I got a good chuckle the other day when you said when all the news was Microsoft (like back in the day) and then a day or two later there was some coverage on the potential new Apple releases and one of them was wireless syncing of the ipod/iphone to itunes as a new feature, but nobody realizes (or mentions) that this has been in place since the original Zune that Microsoft made. This is old news from Microsoft and now it's something ""great"" that Apple has. I still don't get all the hoopla over Apple. I assume the Zune sync will be in the Windows Phone 7 also... just my $0.02




The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Lloyd James
Shogun: A Novel of Japan by James Clavell (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by David Case

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