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Tech News Today
Episode 66

Tech News Today 66: Five Times More Awesome!

Apple's new iPod, Sony's oddly priced eReaders, and everybody gets into streaming.


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  • First 3D NFL game on Verizon FiOS (Giants v. Patriots) tomorrow night
  • Justin Robert Young dial-in
  • TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4 - RSVP to Don't forget the NSFW Show live at 7 PM Eastern on Friday Night. Sundial Restaurant


Jack in DC: Caller has an idea about why Hulu isn't on Apple TV


"Hey TNT Crew, I bet you guys have gotten this link or a similar one a bunch of times since the Wikileaks bunker story but here is a video from Data Center Pulse where they tour the facility.

A. Baker Riverton, NJ"


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