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Tech News Today
Episode 68

Tech News Today 68: Lag-on*Con


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  • IFA is underway in Berlin as you may have noticed from the volley of press announcements the last two days.
  • No show Monday. Labour Day. Back in the studio on Tuesday
  • TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4 - RSVP to Don't forget the NSFW Show live at 7 PM Eastern on Friday Night. Sundial Restaurant


  • PJ from Grand Rapids Michigan with an Apple rant!
  • Anonymous is peeved about being cut off by Windows Phone 7


"Hey Guys,

Regarding your Ping comment from episode 67, I would say Facebook has become the worst thing ever, it's FUBAR. Where as Ping is a purpose driven social network that's dedicated to a particular cause, connecting people with artist and music.

Granted I don't particularly care for the name and the ability to follow your friends seems redundant, but regardless they have a clear path and are able to monetize on the service with a single click from day one which Twitter and Facebook still haven't fully figured out.

Once the Ping expands to include sections for movies, tv shows, and Apps it will be huge. And yes, you can follow celebrities on Twitter now, but you have never been this close to their movies, music, etc.




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  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Audio posted to AOL. Video delayed due to CacheFly login problem.
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