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Tech News Today
Episode 69

Tech News Today 69: Laughing My Heart Out

Craigslist censors itself, solar cells fix themselves, and one man Twitters his heart attack.


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"Dear TNT,

At 3PM Canberra time today (7-Sep-2010) the two major parties had 74 seats each in the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament of Australia. The two remianing seats were in the hands of independents: Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor. These two had to effectively decide which of the two major parties they would support and thus determine who will be the next government of Australia.

They took their time (17 days) and reviewed both parties policies and costings even getting the professions at the treasury to independently provide their assessment of both. This required a suspension of the usual care-taker provisions. But these guys have god-like powers.  :>

Today they announced their decision - Labour. Both of them stated the main reason for their decision was the Broadband network. Of course there were other reasons as well: climate change, education and health. However on eof the main point of differences between the two parties was their approach to a national broadband network upgrade. One party - the Liberals favoured wireless, whereas Labour favoured fibre to every house and business in urban areas. of course fibre is much more expensive but also provides far more opportunity.

So there you have it. An IT issue - the quality and speed of communications, has decided the national election.

Andy M

PS Both fibre-optic cable and WiFi are Australian inventions. Love the show!"

"Hi, Tom, Sarah, et. al.

WRT: the new Facebook Account Activity feature and Sarah Lane's sessions in Oakland...

I noticed that the account activity feature showed my Facebook connections were from Cicero, IL. I don't live near Cicero but apparently my ISP (AT&T U-verse) has a major network node in Cicero that connects to the Internet. The IP address displayed is indeed the one currently assigned to me.

So, perhaps Sarah's ISP (or possibly the ISP of a favorite open WiFi location) has a major node on Oakland?

-- George"

"I get that there are alot more android users than WebOS users, but you might mention that ""Angry Birds"" came out Aug 25 for webOS. Also, the ""Cards"" and unintrussive notifications make webOS a wonderful gaming on phone (and hopefully tablet) experience. So how about a little love for webOS.

Thank you, Brent."


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