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Tech News Today
Episode 70

Tech News Today 70: Don't Poke The Crazy

HP messes with Larry Ellison because they are insane, Google's Instant Search, and Twitter tricks.


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Kickers and Weird Science

What do you regret?

  • jonbart Does buying furniture online count? (never as good as the pictures)
  • "ZacErickson Blogged about a crappy landlord. I never got my damage deposit back...


  • <robert_> i regret dumping a girl when i was a teenager over instant message
  • <rinbrand> becky: Email a friend, complaining of another friend and sending the mail to the wrong one.
  • friending mum on facebook
  • <Dylan> Accidently sending love letter email to guy friend and grandma
  • buying norton 3 people


  • Star Trek debuted on this day on NBC (Thanks to Ron for sending this in)


Bill in Ohio: Why Android has taken a long time to build market share

Tony in Two Rivers WI: How Google TV might work


"Hey guys, I've been seeing commercials in my area for Clear, a company that offers cheap 4G mobile AND home internet. I assume they must be using the Sprint Network since they are the only carrier currently offering 4G. It seems almost too good to be true. Just wondering if you've heard anything from this company or if they might be part of the Virgin Mobile budget brand of Sprint.

Jason Stratman"

"What I'm wondering about Google Instant is, all those Google Ads that show up WHILE you're typing... do those count as ad impressions? If so, that's a major disservice for the advertisers. I realize AdWords is mostly geared towards Cost Per Click bidding, but if nothing else, the stats analysis is going to be messed up quite a bit if it's telling Bob from Discount Pens Online Pen Outlet that their ad is being shown every time someone is TRYING to search for ""penis"". (Feel free to replace ""penis"" with ""Pennsylvania"" or something you would find that more radio friendly.)

-Katie from Pennsylvania-"



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