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Tech News Today
Episode 71

Tech News Today 71: PDFs gone wild

Adobe zero-day vulnerability in the wild, email virus shuts down big business, and when to Tweet and when not.


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  • Google TV coming this month or this fall??- oops Intel CEO spills the beans, (goog said this fall)
  • AMAZON phones Blackberry torch $99, $199 on ATT. Verizon samsung fascinate $99


"Hey Guys,

Just listening to yesterday's show and you had a guy call in saying Google TV should be voice controlled. What happens when you're at the climax of some really awesome action scene and someone on the TV yells, ""STOP!!!"" I don't want my movies turning themselves off.


"Hello TNT,

I had to respond to the story of the reporter who tweeted about his heart attack. As a paid firefighter and EMS provider I can tell you many care providers question the seriousness of a patient's complaint if their main concern is using a mobile device. I'm assuming the reporter called 9-1-1 and the emergency crew responded using their lights & sirens to get to him as quickly as possible. If his first thought was to tweet the heart attack maybe he should have texted a buddy to get a ride to the hospital instead.

And playing devil's advocate, what would the reporter think if the provider stopped to tweet instead of treating him for his heart attack?

Love the podcasts.

- J. Adams Henrico, Virginia"

"I wanted to make a comment and then also pass-on a comment I read on Kotaku that really nails this topic about the head of AAFES ordering a ban of selling Metal of Honor because it allows the player to become the Taliban. Sara and I can't remember what's his name on TNT Friday was trying to make the point that if a Solider really wanted to get the game, they could go off-post to buy it. That's not an option for deployed Soldiers overseas where there are PX/GameStop stores setup in the larger bases. So now instead of just going to the PX to buy a game just like any other, the Solider is going to have to have a family member or friend send it APO into Iraq or Afghanistan.

Also I liked this comment that Kotaku posted separately from the article they wrote on the ban:

I am a Sgt in the US Army and i find this absolutely ridiculous. Playing video games is a great solace after a long day in the field or even after a convoy. I have personally seen combat and have no problem with combat related games. If i were still in Iraq and AAFES was my only source for video games I can tell you now i would be up in arms about it. I think it is ridiculous that they think we are mature enough to die and patrol real streets but not mature enough to decide if we are offended by a video game.

Dustin the Army Spouse Sparta, WI"


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