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Tech News Today
Episode 72

Tech News Today 72: At Home With My Knives

Safer Facebook Places, wavelength envy, and EULA madness.


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  • Starting on September 12, the Nintendo DSi will retail for $149.99, down from its current $169.99 price tag. Nintendo is also reducing the price of its DSi XL from $189.99 to $169.99 on the same day. The Nintendo DS Lite's price will remain at $129.99.


  • Anonymous explains 4G reception problems


"Hi TNT crew,

Yesterday and the day before, you had comments on the practicality of a voice activated remote control. I had one for many years but had to give it up because I couldn't program the new digital remote control codes/tv's. It allowed me to program macros so I could turn on the home theater, vcr, tv [and switch to channel 3] just by saying ""play movie"". I never had a false channel change or any other action on the remote due to tv/fm audio.

Bill Brinkley Widget1 in chat"

"Just a thought...

Could iTunes 10 be a placeholder or transitional release. When iLife 11 and iWork 11 are released for 2011 as many expect, will we see a radically redesigned iTunes 11? Perhaps the strange UI choices are introducing a new look that is coming. Going even further, could we see Mac OSXI instead of 10.7? That would create a nice piece of symmetry with all the version 11 software in 2011. - Matthew"



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