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Tech News Today
Episode 74

Tech News Today 74: Dude, Where's My House?

Nigerians steal a house by email, we meet the Sheriff of Craigslist and Nokia's plea for attention


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  • Microsoft will launch the IE9 Beta Wednesday Sept. 15 at the 'Beauty of the Web' event in San Francisco
  • The Diaspora project goes open source Wednesday Sept. 15


Anonymous: Our caller has a voice controlled remote


"Saw TNT when you showed off PlayStations attempt at viral marketing. Well, Kinect fans don't hang about ... is now registered, and does ... well exactly what you'd expect of a anti-viral mocking ...

Love the show.


"Hello TNT,

On TNT 70 you talked about warrantless cell phone tracking and I was surprised you all seemed so blasé about it. I would have thought you'd compare it to using IP addresses in copyright cases as identification. To me getting cell phone locations only gets you the cell phone location, not necessarily the location of the person law enforcement is interested in.

-Adam Coventry, CT, USA, North America, Earth"


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  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Mediafly publish: 4:55
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