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Tech News Today
Episode 75

Tech News Today 75: License to Bump

Do some social networking in traffic, witness the beauty of IE9, Twitter gets a makeover.


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  • Samsung event Thursday 9/16 (Galaxy Tab, Media Hub)
  • The final version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools will be available from Thursday
  • More from the Intel developers Forum, Intel has taken their AppUp app store for netbooks out of beta. Retail outlets like Best Buy and Dixons will carry netbooks with the AppUp Store. At launch it will feature social networking, gaming, and productivity apps. @Geek8ive @TunnelCreek is here, Ppl Love @IntelAppUp, #MeeGo grows, #SandyBridge = StunningPerformance
  • And also out of IDF, Intel's working on a context-aware API that uses not only physical sensors like accelerometers and GPS as well as "soft sensors" like social networks and personal preferences to figure out what you're doing and what you'd like to do using a "context engine" It's being tested in an app by travel guide company Fodors


  • Matt from Columbia, Maryland - PLAY FILE: Our first caller is happy HDCP got cracked
  • Glen in Atlanta: Our next caller has a Eula question


"Hi Tom et al,

I just listened to everyone upset that Intel is trying to move toward a model where executable code needs to be signed to prevent malware. I don't mind the concept, as long as I get to choose which root certificates to trust. The Android Market requires all apps to be signed - it's just that the developers self-sign them. If Intel is coming up with a way to facilitate that in hardware, more power to them. If malware can't modify the code on my machine because that will break the signature, I can handle that. It just means that when I compile my own code, there will be a post-compilation signing process before I can run it.

-Sam in NJ"

"Hey TNTers,

I have to question your choice to endorse the Ashley and Adrian lines of voice activated remotes. Similar products tend to not only be difficult to program but when the programming is not done perfectly, the unit can adopt unpredicted behavoirs. My own Xander line of remote has sadly been permanently programmed to turn off the TV after every program, forcing me to get up and manually turn the TV back on, often having to relocate the remote to another part of the room. For 3 months I have been trying to reprogram it not to turn off the TV quite so quickly but it appears that these lines of remotes have some sort of glitch that causes them to over-generalize the code into unique instructions.

I also caution your listeners from trying to develop their own Jenni line of remotes. This particular line can lead to personal injury if mis-used. The last time I attempted to activate it by saying ""Jenni, if you don't like what's on, get up and find the remote yourself"" I was treated to a black eye and sundry other minor contusions.

Just thought your listeners should approach this particular line of voice activated remotes with a little more caution than your ""devil may care"" reporting would suggest.





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