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Tech News Today
Episode 77

Tech News Today 77: I Liked This On Spacebook

Manta Ray filmmakers, MySpace tries to polish itself for sale, and iPads are killers of laptops.


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  • Saturday the 18th is Software Freedom Day, celebrate free software!
  • Sunday the 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day
    • In honor of the upcoming annual "Talk like a pirate day" on September 19, Avast rebrands its main interface in pirate-speak for people who opt in to the feature through September 22.




Today we get news that Droid Eris won't be getting Froyo.

I thought Android phones were ""open"", so it should be easy for Eris owners to install their own copy of Froyo, right?

And the Samsung Fascinate forces you to use Bing search and maps. Apparently there is no choice.

I thought Android phones were ""open"", so it should be easy for Fascinate owners to change their default search engine, right?

And Android phones sold by AT&T force you to use the Android Market for apps. No side loading.

AT&T Explains Why they Opt for Android Market Only

I thought Android phones were ""open"", so it should be easy for users to load any app they want, right?

And according to Skyhook, Google forced Motorola to drop their service.

Skyhook: Google forced Motorola to drop our location service, delay the Droid X

I thought Android was ""open"", so cell phone manufacturers could modify it as they seem fit, right? Since Android is ""open"", Google shouldn't be able to send a ""stop ship"" order to a manufacturer using Android, right?



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