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Tech News Today
Episode 78

Tech News Today 78: Fight DDOS with DDOS

Low-orbiting Ion cannons, how to hack Interpol with Facebook, and Google's two factor authentication.


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  • Civilization V arrives Tuesday 9/21
  • Firmware for 3D on Sony PS3 arrives Tuesday 9/21


  • Kendrick from Missouri: First caller has an interesting point about Android's rise.


"Hello Team Awesome!

On the last TNT, episode 77, you mentioned September 19, the international talk like a pirate day.

September 19 wasn't just talk like a pirate day but also the day for the Swedish election. It is however unclear whether it being talk like a pirate day affected the outcome of the election vis-a-vis the Pirate Party.

(Hint: they got, I think, less than 0.5% of the vote but it's hard to say exactly because the numbers are so small, meanwhile the old neo-Nazis managed 5.7% and got into the Riksdag for the first time. To quote Indiana Jones: ""Nazis. I hate these guys."") Love the show, keep up the good work, yadda-yadda, etc.

Yours depressingly,


"In news that doesn't make sense but made me LOL, Lily Allen is suing Apple.

There are so many better ways of figuring out who hacked a laptop than a lawsuit.

Sheala, GA"


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  • Notes: Mediafly publish: 5:00
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