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Tech News Today
Episode 80

Tech News Today 80: Sue The Cheerleader, Sue The World

The vexatious face of piracy, ZoneAlarm gets scary, and AT&T innovating too fast.


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  • Blackberry dev conference next monday in San Fran
  • Thursday Sept. 23 FCC votes on approving White Spaces


"Hey Tom et al,

Your discussion of teaching and social network use piqued my interest. I have been podcasting my lectures here at Algoma University (go Thunderbirds) for 4.25 years now. I also use facebook, twitter and IM to communicate with my students. Indeed, I play xbox live with many of them.

While some of my colleagues have said they would never use these tools as they would be concerned about students learning too much about them, I relish the interaction with my students. Indeed, they know when I am at the bar, heck, the bar is in the school.... (the drinking age in Ontario is 19).

Now, I realize that this is different than an elementary school teacher or a high school teacher as I am teaching adults. That said, my students' marks have increased by 6.6 points since I started podcasting and using social media in the class. There is a guy in town that teaches grade 4 and he uses social media and other tools. He has the kids interact with children's book authors, in class, over skype. He does not follow the kids on social media sites, but encourages their parents to follow him.

Finally, yeah, I see all of the pictures of my students' escapades, but, they also see pictures of my misspent youth posted by my old high school buddies. Then again, they get the stories of my misspent youth in class anyway, especially in neuropharmacology class.....

OK, I am rambling, and in the words of Homer Simpson, can't talk now Flanders, I have a class to teach....

Dave (the psychologist)"

"Hi Tom and crew! I am an avid listener since day #1 and love the show. I am also a teacher who dropped his Facebook account after I received complaints from parents that I would not friend them. I try very hard to keep my personal and professional lives separate while still incorporating both technology and social networking into the classroom. I have a separate Twitter account which I use for homework and announcements, and a deluxe website geared toward both students and parents. While I deeply care for the students in my classroom and school building, I just don't see the educational value in having a Facebook account friended by students and parents.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Matt, a teacher from Ashwaubenon, Wis."


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