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Tech News Today
Episode 81

Tech News Today 81: A WAN Smile For White Space

Blue Box is not Blockbuster, and BlockBuster is broke, White Space may save us all but is not WiFi, and Mosquito abuse


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  • The Social Network premieres at New York Film Festival Friday 9/24
  • last cranky geeks



"Hey TNT Crew,

The morning after I heard you talk about the ""Not Now"" button on Facebook I got a friend request from a spammer. Instantly I saw the poor choice made by Facebook with this ""Not Now"" button. To make matters worse clicking ""Not Now"" only gives me a yellow alert box saying ""We cannot process your request at this time.""

This is probably just a small glitch with their system at the moment, but I am really missing the ability to click ""Ignore"" or ""No"" or any other negative that takes the request away for good.

Love the show, keep up the good work.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Philip"

"Tom and Posse,

If RIM really wants to make play at the tablet market, one advantage they might have is bundling their upcoming BlackPad and Black Berry, if they get it priced right. Consider, you walk into Best Buy or other electronics outlet, you have the choice between a $500 iPad with no 3G, a $300-500 Galaxy Tab that you have to get a separate data contract for, or a $500 Black Berry and Black Pad combo, only one contract between the two devices. Of course if the BlackPad lays an egg like the Storm or the Torch as a consumer product, the point is moot, but RIM's idea of it as a companion device could make it a good bargain.

Rich in Lovely Cleveland"



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  • Notes: Mediafly publish: 5:00
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