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Tech News Today
Episode 82

Tech News Today 82: Black Market Internet

The three strikes law hits France, Czech out Windows Phone 7, Mozilla builds a phone.


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  • "Facebook rival MySpace, meanwhile, will host a live chat with the cast of ""The Social Network"" on Sunday, Sept. 26. at 5:30pm Eastern time. Cast members Jesse Eisenberg (who plays Zuckerberg), Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will discuss the movie, answer fan questions, and show clips. "


Anonymous from Wisconsin: Why Facebook phone would not be like Kin


"Hey guys,

Regarding your discussion of INQ's rumoured upcoming Facebook phone, this pretty much arrived two years ago in the form of the INQ ONE. This cheap (available free with 1gb of data and minutes and txts for as little as £10 a month) little slider feature phone was a follow up to Three's brew based Skype phones. It had very strong Facebook integration, contacts linked to profiles, photo upload etc. Unfortunately the ui was a little unfriendly and the screen was terrible. It was followed by a candybar and a qwerty blackberry style handset. It's like anything forthcoming will continue this budget trend.


Vic Kent, uk"

"Hey TNT folks,

Just a theory about why the Verizon CEO might have been so awkward on the subject of an iPhone on their network recently. I'm a Verizon customer that is currently due for a phone upgrade, but when I keep hearing rumors about a possible iPhone on the network in early 2011, then I'm hesitant to get a new phone right now. I'm sure I'm not the only person that is in this situation, and with us coming up on the holiday season, I'm sure they would rather have their customers buying phones now instead of the prospect of an iPhone after the big holiday season.

Love the show, Kerry the medical records guy in Houston"


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