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Tech News Today
Episode 83

Tech News Today 83: Don't Poach Me Bro


Top Stories

    • 7-inch widescreen display.
    • 1080p HDMI out and display can show different content at the same time.
    • Rear and front-facing cameras, both HD.
    • WebKit, HTML5, Flash 10.1 with hardware-accelerated video.

Other Stories

News Fuse



Good Doctor: Our caller has some old timey copyright notices


"Hi TNTers:

Sarah said ""If you've ordered an Apple TV guess what? Orders have been delayed till mid October.""

This caused beads of sweat to trickle into my fruit of the looms.

But I made a speedy recovery tonight when Apple informed me that my Apple TV will be arriving on September 30.

I forgive you ... and will continue to watch your excellent show.


Tom French

Palo Alto, CA"

"Hi Tom,

I've always appreciated the fair and balanced approach you take on the issue of copyright vs. users rights when it comes to digital media. I've heard you rally against ridiculous copy protection schemes and unconscionably lawsuits against users while at the same time admonishing callers and emailers who even hint at working around these roadblocks to steal content. You've always said ""Don't steal content!"" So imagine my surprise when your guest, Cali Lewis, suggests she likes the Netflix DVD service so that she can copy and keep the movies. I was waiting for the expected response but... nothing. I guess the takeaway is that it is okay for tech celebrities, but not the rest of us. I hope I'm not the only one who picked up on this.

Mike Toronto"


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