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Tech News Today
Episode 84

Tech News Today 84: Visually Impactful In The Face

AOL buys TechCrunch, Text while driving bans dangerous? and Office 2011 for OS X


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  • Roku confirmed today they're partnering with Hulu. The Hulu Plus channel on all Roku players will be available later this fall for no additional fees beyond the Hulu Plus subscription of $9.99 per month. That's a major coup for Roku. You can now get the majority of shows and movies available on the Net through Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Media Fly. Plus live sports.

Kickers and Weird Science



  • Anonymous caller: Problems with back door encryption


"Hey TNT i wanted to throw my 2 cents in about suddenlink cable. The fact that they have decided to implement their own 3 strikes policy does not surprise me. This is a company that is stuck in the '90s. Their website is awful and you cannot order any of their services online nor find out prices easily. You have to call, work your way through a phone tree, and then talk to an operator just to try and get a price for cable and/or Internet. My in laws use them as their ISP and have received multiple warnings about downloading movies. They had an open wi-fi access point (which i have now secured) and I am pretty sure somebody was leeching off their wi-fi. I live in a small town 25 miles east of Dallas TX where the only 2 choices for Internet are suddenlink or DSL with AT&T. could you imagine if they got cut-off just for not knowing to secure thier router out of the box? How horrible to have to use DSL.... - Micah"

"Hi all at TNT, I can confirm that Madmen Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are available for streaming now on Netflix Canada.

The reason that many of the American news companies and you are missing as to why it is cheaper in Canada than the US is that we are getting streaming only, there is no disc delivery service.

So, you Americans are still getting the better deal, not to mention that I would estimate that we Canadians are only getting about 50% of the content that is available to Americans

Thanks, Andrew Stifora Canadian Correspondent"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't NBC already free? How can offering a show for 99 cents via iTunes and Apple TV devalue free? Maybe NBC thinks they have to pay us to watch their shows.

I wish TV would get its act together and realize that if I don’t have an easy (keyword) way to watch their programming when I want, I won’t watch it.

Majority of my video consumption is done either by subscribing to video podcasts and watch when and where I want to on my iPad or iPhone or pirating the shows I want. If I could subscribe to TV shows just like podcasts, put up with a few commercials interspersed throughout, I would watch. But instead I’m forced to pirate commercial free shows because I don’t want to buy a tivo or dvr (which still doesn’t allow me to get these shows on my iPad).

To NBC: In the words of Willy Wonka, “You get NOTHING, you LOSE. Good day sir.”

Jiminy Christmas! Is it really that complicated?

Almost makes me wish Steve Jobs would sit on the board at every major network. ABC seems to be getting it right.


Eric Davis"


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