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Tech News Today
Episode 86

Tech News Today 86: Apotheker gets the Hurd Locker

New CEO of HP, TVs get cheap, and the secret meaning of Zuckerburg


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  • The Social Network hits theaters Friday October 1
  • url shortner officially open


  • Voice caller with thoughts on Facebook


"Hey TNT,

I've just finished listening to show 85 and, like Becky, I was surprised to hear that such a low percentage of people downloaded media through their phones and/or game consoles.

Then I realised that hardly EVER download through those devices; I stream. I watch a ton of streamed video through my Xbox, and stream a lot of audio through my iPhone, did the study take that into account? I don't recall streaming being mentioned, but I have been wrong before.

English John. From England. In the UK."

"Hey, Team Dynamite.

I just wanted to update you with some new info I received yesterday. Looking in some Clear forums I saw that the part-time throttling coincided with the introduction of new Terms Of Service on Aug 30. Reading through the new TOS I saw a clause that allows you to get out of the contract with no Early Termination Fee if any of the changes has ""a materially disadvantageous effect on your service."" I called and was let out with no EFT. I think yesterday may have been the last day because of a 30 day window from the release of the updated TOS.

The really interesting bit is that the representative confirmed that Clear was throttling anyone who uses a certain amount of bandwidth and that daily streaming of video would surely put you in that position. He also stated that the situation would not be changing ""anytime in the near future.""

I just wanted to warn those in your audience who have Clear or might be considering signing up for it.

Onward and upward, Francesco in Philly"



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