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Tech News Today
Episode 87

Tech News Today 87:

EA bans Taliban, Microsoft sues Motorola, Antarctica and Ireland show different vistas, and more.


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Alex in Austria: Disputes the translation of Zuckerberg


"Tom, I'd love it if you could pass this along, we need all the publicity for this that we can get.

Basically, they want 100,000 people to pledge to pay between $10-20/year for Xmarks Premium. If they can get that many people to pledge to do that, they will try to get the people to make it happen.

Also on their Blog they've mentioned that they've gotten interest from many parties interested in continuing the service.

Derek T. Schaumburg, IL"

"One point you've missed on why so many smart phone owners don't download apps is not that they DON'T: Many users with smart phones CAN'T download apps. Many companies that use BlackBerry, for example, lock down the phone so that downloading ANY application is blocked.

I was in that situation at work, finally to the point where I got so frustrated that I bought a Droid on my own just to finally have a smart phone that wasn't crippled. I finally complained to the right person and explained why downloading certain applications WAS a good idea, particularly when I was stuck using the crappy BlackBerry browser instead of an app that would actually save me time. After that, I was granted access to downloading and installing applications.

Anyway, I think that's a big reason why the numbers have been skewed towards users not downloading apps. I'd like to see what the numbers are for iPhones and Android phones over other smart phones. I'd bet you'd see a much different picture.

Love the show! :-)


Brian Meloche,"



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