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Tech News Today
Episode 88

Tech News Today 88: It's Better When It's Free

Google TV gets more real, Twitter gets a CEO, FSF's birthday, and more.


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Cover Flow may cost Apple $208.5 million in damages]

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  • The Social Network topped weekend box office with $23 million




"Hey TNT,

Found this interesting. Videotron, Quebec's newest wireless carrier, is selling the Nexus One for 99.99 on contract.

Guess that's where they all disappeared too.


"Hi TNT Crew,

On the Microsoft suing Motorola story that you guys mentioned Friday...

A while ago I heard of a team that was building an app on iPhone for their product (Like Bing did). I asked about Android, and the person mentioned that when they consulted the Microsoft Legal team, they were told NOT to develop on Android, with no further explanations. Now it makes a bit more sense, it would be bad to launch Android apps while suing Motorola for Android use.

The suit is clearly a try to stop Android market share growth and a payback to Motorola for ditching WinMo on their phones. As the saying goes ""If you can't compete with them, sue them.""

The culture of patents in Microsoft is interesting (and I can send another email about that), but this is a ""bad loser"" move, and I wish Microsoft haven't done that.

Love the show! <The Microsoft Anonymous>"


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