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Tech News Today
Episode 89

Tech News Today 89: Bury Me With My iPhone

Coming up Microsoft is desperate for a tablet, toasted skin syndrome from your laptop, and google goggles for your eye-phone!


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  • T-mobile G2 retails for $199 at Best Buy


  • Zuckerberg name contraversy NOT to be decided by a swede from Alexander Marschitz


"Hi guys, I'm a huge fan, you make my drive a lot better. I have a question. First I'm a Canadian truck driver that drives primarily in the states. I have an iPhone with Canadian service provider Rogers wireless until I come into the states, once I cross that border I start jumping from provider to provider, primarily AT&T but also t-mobile, unicell and at least once verizon, because of this I rarely lose service. Now my question is, do your USA provider phones switch providers in certain areas and if not then maybe a Canadian phone plan may be a way to beat AT&Ts service I keep hearing about, as long as you dont mind a lil higher rates. Thanks for a great, informative show. Keep up the great work,

Jeff Delahunt Ottawa, Ontario, Canada"

"On show # 87 you guys talked about the impending Google TV announcements, and speculated that Logitech, Sony, Google etc. might release potentially buggy products. While at CEDIA 2010 Dishnetwork was showing off a new satellite receiver with Google TV built in, while trying it (for only a few minutes) I didn't notice any glaringly obvious bugs and came away impressed.

love the show,

Ian McCanless"



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