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Tech News Today
Episode 90

Tech News Today 90: Video In The Toilet

The dirt on Facebook Groups, Cisco's telepresence for the home, Google TV is further outed, and more.


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  • If you are a fan of streaming movies on netflix, you'll like this news, a new distribution deal with Sony! in exchange for reduced access to DVDs in exchange for lower fees and more rights to stream movies to your home. Spokesman Steve Swasey confirmed that Netflix and Sony have reached another “28-day” arrangement, similar to the ones Netflix has reached with the other three studios. creating an earlier window for streaming new movies




"Tom et al,

I may not have the details right, but I'll ask anyway, today's Facebook announcement begs the question, once you become a member of a group, who controls it's private/public attribute or attributes? Is their a single owner of the group that can at a whim make a private groups activities public? All this Facebook privacy stuff is always never quite obvious to me.




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