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Tech News Today
Episode 91

Tech News Today 91: Underground ducks

BT opens it's ducts to tohers, Adobe and Microsoft are strategizing, Motorola invades Apple


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"I'm Cindy from South Florida. I'm writing, because I am one of the people waiting for the next WebOS phone. (And if David Spark wants to find more, he can head right on over to I bought my Pre the week it came out on Sprint, so I've been eligible for a new phone since June. Yet, I am waiting for the next WebOS phone cause I love my Pre. And I want my next phone to be a WebOS phone. I really like the interface and I like the portrait slider keyboard. I don't think WebOS gets the credit it deserves. And for the record, I am pretty sure I am not one of the least popular people on earth. Plenty of people on this rock who are much more deserving of that title.


"Hi Tom/Sarah/Becki,

Just been browsing through the Job(s) (groan, I know) listings at Apple UK and there's a pretty intriguing post that mentions:

""Establish and develop supplier strategies and relationships for 3D components and fixtures""

Fairly obvious move by Apple, going into 3D yes (and you may have already reported on it) - Just wondering other than iPad 2 / iPhone 5 - Do you think Apple could be working on an actual Apple ""TV"" ??

Loadsa love for the show, you and your guests :) (try to get Cali Lewis on more often please!!)

Dicky (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)"

"Hey TNT crew

On yesterday’s show you were discussing the new Facebook Groups feature but were unsure of the specifics… it just so happens I set one up for me and my friends. We used to have a Facebook message thread between us where we showed each other funny things we saw on the web. But after over 1000 messages… the thread took forever to load. So I decided to set this up to see if it works better. Here’s all the stuff I’ve figured out privacy-wise:

· The group starts out closed which means no one sees the content but you can find the group and request to join.

· A more private state is secret which means only people in the group can see the group and its contents.

· Whomever creates the group is an admin and only admins can kick people from a group.

· The admin can make anyone in the group an admin.

· Anyone in the group can add other people but if someone requests to join the group, only the admins can accept or deny them.

That’s all the real important information about privacy. In my opinion this thing is great and we love it.

Hope this helps!

Andrew from Philly (GO PHILLIES!)"



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