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Tech News Today
Episode 92

Tech News Today 92: Leave It To Bieber

Jacksonville man kicked off Facebook, Amazon's Android app store, FBI wants it's tracker back, and more.


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"Hi Tom and the gang,

Just to let you know that T-mobile and Orange have joined forces here in the UK, which you may already know as this is not new news, however from the 5th of October 2010 you can now sign up to T-mobile so that if you have no signal your phone will switch to Orange at no extra cost. This sounds great but if you are getting a very poor signal with T-mobile the phone won't change carrier even if there is a better signal from Orange.

Why they didn't just merge the cell towers and make it one carrier I don't know, hopefully they will soon as this would cover all of the UK, well at least the parts that matter ENGLND!!!

Love the show. Big Tom and Jason fan.


Steve Tew. From Rugby in the England."

"I know it was just a joke, but wanted to say that I use the Opera browser except for a tiny minority of websites that aren't compatible.

The built in feature that lets you right click an annoying flash banner and block it forever is extremely useful.


"Hey Tom (Commissioner of Fantasy Sports of the Internet) & all:

I can't help but think that GoogleTV will triumph over Roku, AppleTV, Boxee Box, etc. All of the competition are making single hardware devices, whereas google is making a platform. Just like Android vs. iOS, GoogleTV will start out slow, but as more and more manufacturers of TV's, blu-ray players, DVR's, etc. start making new devices with GoogleTV already integrated, the shear numbers will guarantee a decisive win in the end.

Keep up the good work, Tony from Wisconsin"



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