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Tech News Today
Episode 93

Tech News Today 93: I'd Vomit For That

Commercial space flight gets closer, what Free Public WiFi means, is GM lying about the Volt, and more.


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  • Sony's Google TV event is Tuesday October 12
  • Medal of Honor launches Tuesday October 12 Play as 'Opposing Force'



"Tom et al,

When speaking about the new Amazon Android marketplace over the last couple of weeks, you guys seem to be missing the most important point. It is not a matter of replacing or duplicating an existing Android Marketplace on the phone, but creating one that does not yet exist on the web! It is dramatically easier to browse and investigate apps on the web than on the phone and, other than third party sites like AppBrain, this is simply missing for Android. And, with a Google sign-in, all the syncing would be OTA.

While I would love for Google to develop an iTunes-like experience on the web for complete browsing and purchase AND app and music management (with OTA syncing, thus one-upping iTunes), this Amazon Android Market would be a huge step forward.


"Hi TNT Crew!! I am writing about the young man who was being tracked by the F.B.I. It immediately occurred to me, when I saw the pic of the device, that this must be a decoy. They put the only clunky one for him to find. He finds it, removes it, the Feds come to get it. He thinks everything is OK. Little does he know they put one of their real trackers in his engine bay. OK Maybe I have been watching too many X-Files re-runs.........


Albert from North Carolina."


In reference to your discussion on video devices yesterday:

I curled up in bed last night to watch the latest Caprica episode and fired up the Hulu+ app on my iPad. What's this? This is odd,Caprica is not on the list of shows. So, I started up a Safari window and went to, there was Caprica in the feature list. Then, I tried to start the stream and received a message that I could not watch Caprica on an iPod. I booted up my net book and was able to watch the program as normal with no issue. If the world of ""free over the internet"" streaming is going to be segmented by the devices we own, not only are we going to need an app to remember which show we can watch on which device, but as our pile of high-tech clutters our living rooms we will long for the days when we could just pay a cable company $200 and just sit and watch some TV.


Dan in Duluth"



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