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Tech News Today
Episode 95

Tech News Today 95: It's Cheaper To Fight The Monster

Bing and Facebook partner up, our crappy electric grid is safe, a new plan for serialized novels, and more.


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  • If you're a rich black or hispanic man, you likely have made a video call on your cell phone. That's one of the findings in a Pew study that determined 19 percent of US adults have made a video call or engaged in video chat on their cell phone or computer. This is the first year the study has included cell phones.

Kickers and Weird Science




"TNT Crew,

Ok, I know you like to make fun of the term ""Opposing Force"" which is the name used to replace the Taliban in the game. However this is a very common term in the military. From Wikipedia:

""An opposing force (abbreviated OPFOR, used in the United States and Australia) or enemy force (used in Canada) is a military unit tasked with representing an enemy, usually for training purposes in war game scenarios""

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment at the National Training Center (NTC) in CA has the full time job of being the OPFOR for all units who go to NTC to Train. As well as other units at training sites in LA and Germany.

So, yes, it is sad they changed the name and while the term ""Opposing Force"" is an odd term to the world, to the military the OPFOR is simply who you fight in training. Which I would imagine was why this term was used.


"Hey TNT Crew:

Welcoming the addition of the Sony TV and Blu-Ray Player with GoogleTV, I can't help to wonder what those people that already have a TV and Blu-Ray player will do. I have a PS3 that I use to play video, games, and online content. Why can't Sony add GoogleTV as a software update to the PS3 since Google and Sony are already partners? That would definitely be a nice selling point for the PS3.

Here's my two cents, CJ from Panama"

"Hi, TNT Gang:

In episode 94, Becky and Tom discussed's new Kindle Singles. Tom quoted from the official press release which emphasized non-fictional genres such as essay writing and scientific articles. However, what about fiction? The first, and most obvious, thought that came to mind was the short story. But could the Kindle Single resurrect the popularity of the serialized novel, a favorite form of 19th century English literature written by such luminaries as Charles Dickens? Plus ça change...

Continued success to Becky ""Boom Boom"" Worley and Tom ""The Tom"" Merritt.

Mark from St. Paul, Minnesota"



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