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Tech News Today 97: Getting The Ox Outta The Ditch


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  • IMDB turns 20 on Sunday - thank you for settling so many bar arguments


"Hello Tom & co,

I just wanted to add to yesterdays (2010-10-14) discussion about Apple's increased market share. One thing to note is that you actually need a computer running Mac OS X in order to develop apps for iOS. The process of building and signing the final binary before submitting it to the App Store can only be done using Apple's X-Code which is only available for Mac OS.

With the success of iOS-equipped devices and the amount of people getting into iPhone/iPad-development nowadays, it makes sense that they sell more desktops as a result.

Keep up the great work,

Johan from Sweden."

"Was watching good morning america this morning, and Becky was showing off the tv hat thing she put on Tom a few days ago. Inside the hat the iPhone was playing TNT. Nice touch Becky!!

Love the show,




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