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Use it to display information specifically about an episode. In general, this Infobox should never be used in a content page. Instead, it should be used only to define Infoboxes specific to the episodes of a particular show. See

  1. REDIRECT 2 player games as an example.


Info.png The "Date" parameter on this template has been deprecated. Instead you should use "Recorded" for the date the show was originally recorded and "Published" for when it was first added to the netcast feed.


{{Infobox Episode
|Image file = 
|Image size = 
|Caption    = 
|Title      = 
|Host       = <!-- only use "Host" or "Hosts", not both -->
|Hosts      = 
|Guest      = <!-- only use "Guest" or "Guests", not both -->
|Guests     = 
|Topic      = 
|Recorded   = 
|Published  = 
|Duration   = 
|MCLE Credits = 
|FriendFeed = 
|Netcast    = 
|Episode    = 
|Last_episode = <!-- leave blank unless it's the last episode'' -->
|Transcript = <!-- put "yes" if and only if this is a transcript page (not "Yes", not "YES", it's "yes") -->

Netcast= and Episode= are used for the previous/next episode links at the bottom of the infobox.