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Episode {{{episode}}}

Use it to display information specifically about a This WEEK in TECH episode.



{{Infobox TWiT
|Episode    = 
|Title      = <!-- use "Title" instead of "Topic" for the title of the show -->
|Host       = <!-- default is [[Leo Laporte]] -->
|Guest      = <!-- optional -->
|Guests     = <!-- optional -->
|Topic      = <!-- other than rare circumstances, the Topic parameter should not be used for TWiT -->
|Recorded   = 
|Published  = 
|Duration   = 
|FriendFeed = 
|Transcript = <!-- put "yes" if and only if this is a transcript page (not "Yes", not "YES", it's "yes") -->
Info.png The "Topic" parameter on this template is deprecated. TWiT does not have specific "topics". The title of the show belongs in the "Title" parameter, not "Topic".