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This template gives links to the previous and next episode and is meant to be placed in the infobox of an episode.


{{Previous and next show notes|netcast=netcast_name|episode=episode_number|last_episode=true (if it's the last episode}}

Note: Both netcast= and episode= are required. They must be provided at some point the the page. Typically, netcast= would be provided in the show-specific infobox, while episode= would be provided on the episode's page. If the page is the last episode of a netcast, last_episode=true needs to be set as well (although it actually treats any non-blank value as "true", so don't put last_episode=false.


On Maxwell's House 1, the template would produce:

First episodeNext episode

On Windows Weekly 88, the template would produce:

Previous episodeNext episode

On Jumping Monkeys 72, the template would produce:

Previous episodeLast episode