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This template is a companion for

  1. REDIRECT 2 player games and allows for show notes pages to have non-standard names (ex: Security Now 185a) and still have the previous/next links work in the correct order.

How to add an episode

In order to add an episode with a non-standard title, you must add three cases to the code – the episode before, the non-standard episode, and the episode after. For example, if the non-standard episode was Security Now 185a, you would add the following code:

 | Security Now 185  = <center>[[Security Now 184|Previous episode]] &dash; [[Security Now 185a|Next episode]]</center>
 | Security Now 185a = <center>[[Security Now 185|Previous episode]] &ndash; [[Security Now 186|Next episode]]</center>
 | Security Now 186  = <center>[[Security Now 185a|Previous episode]] &ndash; [[Security Now 187|Next episode]]</center>

Note: remember to include <center> tags in the statements.