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User Pages

How non-TWiT-related can user pages be? Nothing (inadvisable)? A little bit? A little bit, implicitly ramping up as the user contributes? As much as he/she wants?

We (listrophy, kiwinerd and others on IRC) had a user, Khaos who was intent on having an extensive user page. Officially, we stopped him because he was doing some copious copying from MediaWiki and Wikipedia, which have incompatible licenses. In addition, we told him that his TWiT Wiki user page was not facebook or myspace, and it should not have tons of personal info. What do you think?

  • Yeah I'd agree. It's not a personal web space, it's a calling card. Link to your other pages. Use Wikipedia as an example. Incidentally, copying from Wikipedia -> TWiT Wiki would seem to be ok - theirs is a more liberal license. It's us -> Wikipedia that would be a problem, yes? Leo 22:55, 14 January 2009 (PST)
    • Actually, copying from Wikipedia content presents a licensing issue due to the constraints the CC-BY-NC-SA puts upon the content here. The GNU Free Documentation License places no limitation on who can use the content whereas the TWiT Wiki has a clause which states that the content may not be used for commercial licenses. The GFDL also states that derivatives of the content must also be licensed under the GFDL, but the TWiT Wiki re-publishes them under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Currently I don't believe that any Creative Commons license is compatible with the GFDL, but Wikipedia will soon be switching to the CC-BY-SA license, which is also incompatible with the license used here. Right now the only way we would be able to use Wikipedia content is switch to the GFDL and start using the content immediately or switch to the CC-BY-SA license and waiting out Wikipedia until they switch, both of which would allow commercial entities to use the content on the TWiT Wiki. --Steveh 05:59, 15 January 2009 (PST)

Helpful Users

I, listrophy, would like to acknowledge the work that Taylor Karras and Steveh have been doing.