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This policy describes how pages which do not meet the citeria of relvance is deleted. Knowningly all current and previous versions of the article are removed when the page is deleted. Administrators are the only ones who have the power to delete pages, additionally they can also restore a page by using the (undelete) function.

Reasons for Deletion

Reasons for deletion include, but are not limited to.

  1. Copyright violations
  2. Vandalism and Spam
  3. Attack pages
  4. Made-up articles
  5. Redundant or Useless pages
  6. Images that are obsolete, unused or copyright violations

Alternatives to Deletion

If the page does not fit one of the 6 reasons stated above or can be improved, then it can be fixed by regular editing (instead of deletion). Mostly you can place a template on a page alerting the community that it needs help, whether it be poor grammer or poor formatting. These templates can be found at the Maintenance Templates section of our Manual of Style.


Articles that are short and unlikely to be expanded could be merged into a larger article or list. For example, something about a smaller or similar subject could be merged into a bigger or more familiar article. If two pages are duplicates or otherwise redundant, one should be merged and redirected to the other, using the most general page name. To suggest a page be merged you would use the "

  1. REDIRECT 2 player games" tag.


If we wanted to merge this page with The Official TWiT Wiki:Manual of Style we would add "

  1. REDIRECT 2 player games" to the top of the article. This will produce:


Disputes over whether the page should be deleted or the questionable content of the page should be handeled by talking about it. Similarly, issues with inappropriate user pages can often be solved by talking to the user. Content issues should be discussed at the relevant talk page.

Marking stuff for deletion

You can mark inappropriate content, spam, attack pages or other pages for speedy deletion by placing the {{delete}} tag on the article and giving it an appropriate reason. Or take a page that has reasonable length and does not fit the citeria for speedy deletion. You can list the page at articles for deletion for the community to dicuss and vote on whether they should delete the article.


If you wanted to mark this page for deletion you would add "

  1. REDIRECT 2 player games" to the top of the article. This will produce: