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The Official TWiT Wiki is a wiki where every article is available to edit and contribute information to. There are these situations where a certain article becomes the subject of vandalism due to a recent humiliating event that has happened or becomes constantly vandalized because of constant media attention. Due to every user being required to validate their email address, the problem seems to contain itself since most users are a trustworthy and active members of the TWiT community. However, this policy is there just in case there is an event like this. Please note that only Administrators can protect pages.

Protection reasons

The reasons for protection for which to protect a page are listed as such:


A constantly vandalized page is due to the page's subject receiving attention. Vandalizers who keep vandalizing the page can be blocked according to our blocking policy but mostly the page will still keep being vandalized by other users. Use your best judgment and decide how long you'll be protecting the page, make sure to protect the page so that no one else can edit it (because of the semi-registration) and edit the page based off of suggestions. Make sure that you unprotect it when the heat has cooled off so that other people can edit it.


Sometimes a user will disagree with the content on a certain article or will have a disagreement with a user over an issue that he might have. Mostly this will involve a lot of judgment and a lot of patience as issues like these might be very complex to handle. Start by talking it out and resolving the situation. If the user keeps slandering the user's page or the article then you may want to protect it for a short while just for the user to cool down or to prevent him from any damage. You might want to give the user a cooldown block if he continues, again, use judgment when dealing with issues like this.

Move Protection

Move-protected pages cannot be moved to a new title except by an administrator. Move protection is commonly applied when constant move vandalism or a dispute is constant on a page

Administrators should avoid favoring one name over another, protection should not be considered an endorsement of the current name.

Creation Protection

This prevents a constantly created article from being created. Non-existent titles should be protected for a short time to prevent re-creation, if the page is recreated after deletion. Constantly created pages served for the purpose of vandalism should be protected from creation forever.

Administrators should not use creation protection as a preemptive measure, but in response to actual events. Users wishing to create a protected non-existant article may want to contact an administrator.

Permanent Protection

Some areas are permanently protected by the software. The MediaWiki namespace, which defines parts of the site interface, is fully protected. In addition, user CSS and JavaScript pages are automatically fully protected. Only accounts that are associated with these pages are able to edit them. Administrators may modify these pages, for example, to remove a user script that has been used in an inappropriate way.

In addition to the hard-coded protection, administrators may permanently fully protect pages that fall into one of these categories:

  • Pages that are very visible.
  • Pages that are very frequently transcluded to prevent vandalism. This includes images or templates used in other highly visible pages.

Requesting Protection

Mostly any page can be protected, whether it be a page that may be suspectable to vandalism or something else entirely. User pages can also be protected to prevent the user from messing around or changing anything vital. You can go to any Administrator and ask them to protect the page for you, depending on whether they're busy or not. They will gladly protect the page for you.