The Social Hour 19

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The Social Hour
Episode 19

The Social Hour 19: Rad on the Living Room Set!

Amber & Sarah on Airbnb concerns, crowdsourcing videos on social apps, Facebook's big brand push, Amazon's MyHabit, & more!



  • Band "The Vaccines" crowdsources on Instagram for next video - by having fans tag #vaccinesvideo, the band can collect the fans’ shots and will make an animated photo video- emphasis on festival photos



  • OfficeLeaks
  • Share office gossip anonymously
    • based on idea that anonymity can help people be honest, air grievances
    • All records of email addresses are destroyed once the confirmation process is complete, says CEO Ryan Masanz. Account info is encrypted with the user password which can't be reset.


Although I am only 17, I want to be someone who's opinions and views in tech and social media are taken seriously in the technology and social side of the world. I have a passion for this unlike anything else and will do anything to see that this one dream will one day come true.

Both of you have been in this field for enough time to know more than most people and know the in's and out's of the field. What does it take to be successful with this? What's a good starting point? And what are some guidelines/tips to abide by?

Sincerely, Matt Ciciriello"



"I wanted to write you in regards to the Rad or Fad segment around the Old Spice / Fabio marketing ploy. Although I agree that it is not personally engaging, it did capture the interest of my 17 year old daughter. She saw the TV add, jumped online to see the teaser on YouTube and then participated in the "Dual" between the original Old Spice guy and Fabio, held the next day.

I have come to rely on my daughters to bring home the future big online successes. I can bet that if they are interested in something, a large number of their friends are as well. Perhaps this was Rad, just to a younger audience.

Jacob H. Loeb"



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