The Social Hour 24

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The Social Hour
Episode 24

The Social Hour 24: Instagram for Android, Pinterest, Startup Founder DNA

Amber & Sarah on Instragram dragging their Android feet, Pinterest for inspiration, what common threads founders share, why women click on more Facebook ads, & more!



SOCIAL TIP: Share Google+ content with Evernote

  • If you use a note-taking service like Evernote, you can save content directly from Google+ into your off-site notepad. First, find your account-specific Evernote email address. Add that address into a new Google+ circle called "Evernote" -- then, anytime you want to save something from Google+ to Evernote, just share it with that circle. Google+ will send the content in an email, and Evernote will translate it into a notebook item in your account.

SPOTLIGHT: Pinterest - virtual pinboard. Collect the things you love.


"Hi Sarah and Amber,

So, like a lot of people these days, I'm trying to grow a fan base for my brand and want to create an email mailing list I can update fans with. Do you have any thoughts on the best options for something like that? Or if anyone even bothers with those anymore? I'm thinking if someone opts-in to email updates, that still gives me a better chance that they'll see the latest news (as long as it's not too often or spammy) over being just a small part of their overall social stream, no? Thanks!

Mark G. "

"Hi Sarah, hi Amber. :)

I recently got a great job as Community Manager for an online invoicing software. We're based in Portugal, but we want to reach a global audience. My question is, what do you recommend when you have to tweet and Facebook in two languages. In my case, english for a global audience and portuguese for a local audience. -- Best regards, Pedro dos Santos"





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