The Social Hour 25

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The Social Hour
Episode 25

The Social Hour 25: Revamping Delicious,, Codecademy, Twylah

Amber & Sarah have a plethora of services to try out this week, including Twylah, Codecademy, & Canvas. Plus YouTube founders resurrecting Delicious, Amazon book rentals, & more!


Top Stories


  • Codecademy helps you learn code and have fun with your friends at the same time
  • SOCIAL TIP: Brand your tweets with Twylah
  • SPOTLIGHT: Canvas - Moot's new image/sharing/remix service


@ericspeer tweeted us from the races!


"Since football season is upon us, this might make a good RAD or FAD item.

I thought something like this existed for all football teams but I've only seen it only for the Green Bay Packers so far. It's a social site to connect fans who live outside the local area of the team.

Do you think this is just a FAD or will other teams in other sports will start these kinds of sites?

Mark W. Royal Oak, MI "

Rad or Fad?

Video Of The Week



  • ad times: :33 - :48 and 37:43 - 40:27

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