The Social Hour 35

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The Social Hour
Episode 35

The Social Hour 35: Dear Photograph

Amber & Sarah chat with the founder of Dear Photograph, Ebay buys Hunch, Google+ trending topics, Tiny Review app, & more!



INTERVIEW:Taylor Jones, Founder, DearPhotograph


SOCIAL TIP: PostPost - strip your Twitter timeline to find the best stuff - videos, photos, links, etc

SPOTLIGHT:Tiny Review,


" Hi Sarah and Amber I really enjoy your show and am leaning a lot about Social Apps and Networking. I like hearing about your travels around the world and using social Media.

This May my family and I our traveling to London. I have added the Trippy app and other Travel Social Apps to my IPhone 4. What is the best way to use to use these apps with out Running up a Huge overseas Bill from from the cell phone carrier here in the states. The flat we are staying at does have Wifi does that help? Do you have some tricks you use when you are traveling out of the country?

Thank you for your help Duncan McPherson Orlando Florida"

"Guys-- When you were recommending how people can use social media for musicians you forgot who I consider the best example of using social media:

Amanda Frickin' Palmer

She uses twitter and flickr to do things like:

Crowd source tours, arranging things like crash space, set

dressings and rides between towns.

Design T-Shirts and hoodies

Announce projects

Document tours

She has an advantage in that she was in a successful band called Dresden Dolls but she has successfully managed her solo career all on her own.


"Amber and Sarah,

The Department of Defense and the President recognize November as the month of the military family. Before the month is over, I think it would be great if your show could feature some social spaces and mobile apps that were created specifically with military families in mind. One new (and fun) initiative was designed by Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit behind Sesame Street) called Military Families Near and Far ( which features a website (a safe family fun space for kids and family members to connect and communicate) and a new mobile app "Feel Electric" currently featured on iTunes.

I'm sure you know already, but we are hopefully getting ready to have a big surge of service members coming home from deployment and we want to ensure they, and their families, have access to the right resources and the right time.

Heather S. Marsh"




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