The Social Hour 36

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The Social Hour
Episode 36

The Social Hour 36: Britney owns Google+, @RealTimeWWII,

Amber & Sarah give YouTube's video editor a spin, Britney Spears is #1 on Google+, Apple sucks at social, change your Twitter handle,, & more!


SOCIAL TIP: How to Change Your Twitter Handle (without losing followers)

SPOTLIGHT: - Personal chef food delivery (SF only right now)


"Hello Sarah and Amber,

I was listening to episode 35 on which you read an e-mail about roaming fees when going abroad. Here's my tip. My brother and I live in France and we are frequently traveling to the US. We asked an american friend to buy us a virgin mobile MiFi pay-as-you go. When one of us happen to go there, he brings the device and pays for one month so that he can have unlimited data. Even if we pay for a whole month, it's cheaper than the roaming fees.

If you have European friends, think about it for LeWeb ;)

Hope this help!

Love the show!

Best, Stéphane"

QUESTION (for the hive mind): "I'm part of a group of friends who built a solar powered car that we raced across Australia in the World Solar Challenge in 2007. In 2 weeks time we will be driving the entire length of New Zealand (attempting to set several distance records along the way) and we have set up a Twitter account (@SolarFern) to keep people informed of our progress during the trip. What we are looking for is a way to allow a number of different members of our team to send SMS tweets to the @SolarFern account using different phones. The idea is that these can occur whenever people feel like providing an update without having to coordinate it through one person since we will all be extremely busy at different times. We can't use laptops or smartphones because there are many remote parts of New Zealand where SMS is the only reliable communication method. The problem is Twitter only allows SMS messages for an account to come from a single phone. Is there some service that collects SMS messages from several people and then channels them towards one Twitter account so they appear to come from a single phone? The best I can find so far is but that requires everyone who wants to post to also create their own Twitter account which is a bit of a pain. Do you know of any other solution that doesn't require our team members to sign up to something?



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