The Social Hour 37

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The Social Hour
Episode 37

The Social Hour 37: Facebook gobbles Gowalla, YouTube's makeover, Jawbone UP review

Amber & Sarah on YouTube's new layout, Gowalla's sale, Facebook's 60,000, Path 2.0, Jawbone UP, & more!



INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons CEOs should get social

SOCIAL TIP: Slice: Keep track of all your daily deals in one place, even daily deal sites

GADGET: Jawbone UP - Sarah's had one for a week. Positives and negatives.

SPOTLIGHT: Ted and Pikachu travel the US to raise $$ and awareness for animal shelters


"Sarah-- Google Voice is the right way to do it.

Sign up for 1 account Put all the cell phones on the account. Associate the GV # with the twitter account and tell it to send DMs via SMS Send 1 DM to the Twitter account All phones should receive an SMS from adifferent number than the Twitter #. If they SMS that number it will get forwarded to twitter as if it came from the GV#

I used this to have my GV# as my twitter number for a long time before I got a smart phone.

--Sean "

  • Paul in San Antonio called in with a similar setup and also suggested Tweetymail, which isn't SMS but a good solution if you only want to use email for something like this

"Hi Sarah and Amber.

Great show as always,

I'm wondering if you can help me out, I'm a bit of a social junkie. I've been looking for a social aggregator so I read and post new messages to all my different social networks.

I've used Tweetdeck in the past for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates. But I've now become a huge fan of Google+.

My Question to you is, Is there an android app desktop or chrome app, which will let me post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ at the same time.

Thanks for any help, P.S.TWiT RULES!!!

Regards Del, Inverness, Scotland (@slobjunkie)."



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