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The Social Hour
Episode 45

The Social Hour 45: Rdio CEO Drew Larner

Amber & Sarah chat with Rdio CEO Drew Larner about the future of streaming music, plus a walkthrough of Wunderkit, Stitchagram, Buffer news, & more!







  • Over the holidays, we've been baking a few brand new features that I think will make sharing on Twitter and Facebook with Buffer more useful for you. Let me jump right in and share what's new:

1. Buffer and SocialBro join forces

We have teamed up with Twitter analytics service SocialBro. They analyse your followers with an awesome algorithm and find out when you will reach the most people. And now, right from within SocialBro you can click one button to set your Tweeting times for Buffer. In no time you'll be Tweeting at the optimal times to get more clicks, retweets and reach on your posts.

2. Buffer and ifttt partner up

ifttt (if this then that) is a fantastic way to connect any 2 web services together. For example, star something inside Google Reader --> add as a Tweet to your Buffer. Or, favorite a Tweet --> add as a Retweet to your Buffer.

3. Email Tweets to Buffer from your phone or iPad

We recently also updated our email feature. It allows you to read any article in Flipboard, Zite or the browser on your mobile phone or iPad and then add it to your Buffer. You can hit the ""mail link"" option and email an article to your special Buffer email address. We will turn it into a Tweet with shortened URL for you. The latest update with this is that we've added a lot of special options: you can specify the account it goes into, choose just Twitter or Facebook, ""post now"" and more. R

Happy New Year!"

"Hi Sarah,

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we've decided to shut down Holler. Almost a year after we began developing the application we've decided to go a completely different direction with things. If you want to get the full details on why we're stopping you can watch this pretty comprehensive interview I did the other day on the topic:

While we're still interested in pursuing something in this space, we'd like to take a completely different approach to the process. As such, we're shuttering the system effective today. I've learned from my previous experiences that it's good to fail quickly so that's what we're doing. If you have any questions, comments, or want to just keep in touch, don't hesitate to reach out!

Best regards, Nick O'Neill "





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