The Social Hour 46

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The Social Hour
Episode 46

The Social Hour 46: CEO Steve Years & a Social Superbowl



  • Tumblr site makes itself the news
    • Chris Mohney, a senior vice president for content at BlackBook Media, will be the site’s editor in chief. Jessica Bennett, a senior writer and editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast, will be the executive editor and, she said, a kind of Tumblr correspondent. “Basically, if Tumblr were a city of 42 million,” Ms. Bennett said, referring to the number of Tumblr blogs that exist, “I’m trying to figure out how we cover the ideas, themes and people who live in it.”
    • Twitter recently created a section of its site that lists stories that are popular among its users, with links to articles and related Twitter messages.
    • Facebook hired Daniel Fletcher, a 2009 graduate of Northwestern University’s journalism school, to be its managing editor. Mr. Fletcher said that he would be “building out and creating new content” for Facebook’s channels and pages. One example is Facebook Live, a video streaming channel that occasionally shows conversations with world leaders, celebrities and other newsmakers."


Reid's rules:

  • In the next day: Look at your calendar for the past six months and identify the five people you spend the most time with -- are you happy with their influence on you?
  • In the next week: Introduce two people who do not know each other but ought to. Then think about a challenge you face and ask for an introduction to a connection in your network who could help.

Imagine you got laid off from your job today. Who are the 10 people you'd e-mail for advice? Don't wait -- invest in those relationships now.

  • In the next month: Identify a weaker tie with whom you'd like to build an alliance. Help him by giving him a small gift -- forward an article or job posting.

Create an "interesting people fund" to which you automatically funnel a certain percentage of your paycheck. Use it to pay for coffees and the occasional plane ticket to meet new people and shore up existing relationships.

Another Mark writes in:

I came across a message from someone complaining about this service. Really? Is this something we want messing up Twitter? Sigh...

It's a "validation service" for Twitter accounts. Is it THAT hard to tell if a follower is some sort of SPAM account? I'm not having that difficulty. I am also reporting any that bother me. Maybe some need it but for some reason, it made me cringe a bit. I thought it might be of interest for the Social Hour show."

TWEET OF THE WEEK British tourists tweets get them denied entry to the US

  • "Free this week for a quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America?” Bryan wrote to Twitter user @MelissaxWalton.




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