The Social Hour 47

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The Social Hour
Episode 47

The Social Hour 47: Grammys Delay, Instagram's Lux, Whitney Houston News

Amber & Sarah on Grammys cheers & jeers, Whitney Houston's death "broken" via Twitter, LinkedIn buys Rapportive, Instagram adds Lux, & more!



SPOTLIGHT: Instagram's new Lux feature makes it a true Camera+ competitor


"Ran across an alternative to Apple's Find My Friends and thought I would share it with you.

The App allows you to share your location for a set amount of time with whomever you wish. It also allows you to check into your location which sends an email to your contact with a Google Maps link with your location. Lastly, what I think is the best feature. You can send an alert to someone and it will send them a link to a moby map with your shared, known and alert locations.

Love the show!! Keep up the good work!


Houston, TX"

"Your discussion last week got me to thinking and wondering what it is about Pinterest that I like so much.

I like it because it's beautiful and I don't have to think to use it. I can go on there and just "look." But even if I want to "Pin," it's so easy, I don't have to use my brain.

My brain is tired. I use it all the time, and then I go online and I have to *read.* So Pinterest gives me a way to just look at pictures. Beautiful, shiny pictures!

But it's better than that because -- when I'm online I want to have a way to find stuff again, to organize the information I'm processing:

I don't have time to read that blog post right now, so I click on the "Read it Later" extension to store it for when I can go back and read it.

I know I'll want to read every post at that blog, so I have to save it in an RSS reader.

Oh, there's a good recipe -- should I save that in my browser's favorites, or just leave that tab open until dinnertime? Here's a book I might want to buy -- I can save it to my Amazon wishlist, or maybe my "to-read" list on Good Reads. You get the idea -- more thinking, more remembering. My brain already hurts.

So along comes Pinterest. Here's a great way to save a lot of that stuff. I have a "recipes" board and a "crafts" board and a "household hints" type of board and one for ideas for my kitchen renovation (and one for books, though I find I don't use it much). I can easily store stuff there and find it again -- easily. I found an amazing board last night with all kinds of information on growing and using herbs. It was very well done and probably took a lot of thought (I think it was curated by a magazine or something).

So I guess I'll sum up by saying it's a very visual and very easy way for people to connect over their shared interests. It makes it easy to save and share stuff without the hassle of making sure you're not violating someone's copyright or just completely losing the original link even though you've saved the photo to your hard drive. I love that's it's kind of come out of the blue and got us all wondering what makes it so popular and how it's grown so quickly!

Thanks for listening! Beelissa"

TWEET OF THE WEEK Mayor Bloomberg declares this week - Social Media Week




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