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The Social Hour
Episode 48

The Social Hour 48: Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa

Amber & Sarah chat with Reuters Editor and Tumblr celeb Anthony De Rosa, Facebook gets verified accounts and allows pseudonyms, Boomerang Gmail for busy inboxes, Betakit for startup news, & more!


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SOCIAL TIP:Boomerang your emails (Gmail)

SPOTLIGHT:BetaKit - news source for social, startups, innovation


"Just listening to the discussion on specialist vs strategist. In the last two companies I've been with, one an agency and another as part of the internal marketing team, we have had the specialist role in all departments (not just marketing). Both companies have used it to describe a junior person working in a specific area (communications specialist, web specialist, social media specialist, etc) - it is the lowest position in the hierarchy other than general admin/non-specific skillset role whereas strategist is a more senior position, proposing ideas instead of just executing.

Don't know if that is helpful but in my sample of two companies, they both used specialist in this way :) (I am not a fan of the title personally)

Melissa @mmbc "

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