The Social Hour 53

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The Social Hour
Episode 53

The Social Hour 53: Airtime, Pair, Sickweather, Ark

Amber & Sarah cover an incoming slew of new social apps, Airtime, Pair, Ark, Instagram for Android, & more!



SOCIAL TIP: Create an Instagram-filled Facebook cover photo for your Timeline with InstaCover

SPOTLIGHT: Sickweather - online social health network for sickness forecasting




"Hi Amber and Sarah!

I recently moved my business website to squarespace because of the awesome ads on TWiT. The default stuff for social media links on there is just a little link in the sidebar. On my old website, I had put in the code for the larger boxes that showed your twitter feed or the like box for Facebook with the last couple of posts showing. It feels odd to just have a little tiny link on the side for those things, but is that the way it's supposed to be done? Being the experts that you are, I thought I'd ask what you prefer to see on a website?

Perry Noia the Scaredy Clown (A.K.A. Erin Hawkins)"

"For what appears to be a remote setup, Amber has VERY nice video feed into your show. Can you let us know what kind of setup she has? Thanks in advance!" "GRIFF"


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