The Social Hour 54

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The Social Hour
Episode 54

The Social Hour 54: Miso CEO Somrat Niyogi, Snapguide,

Amber & Sarah chat with Miso CEO Somrat Niyogi on socializing TV, Camera Awesome, WriteThat.Name, Snapguide,, Wrapp, & more!



SOCIAL TIP: WriteThat.Name keeps your Gmail contacts in order

SPOTLIGHT: Snapguide - Created by Daniel Raffel, a former Yahoo engineer who managed the Yahoo Pipes program, and Steve Krulewitz, who previously worked for Google on the Google Chrome Web browser.



"A couple weeks ago, my fiancé and I went to visit friends out of town to help them move into their new house. Our first night there, I decided to "check in" on Facebook, creating a new location for their house. I included Erin (my fiancé) and our two friends.

Over the next two days, I received messages from Facebook that three of my friends "checked in" as well to this location.

The accounts were: a dog (but not their owner). My great-uncle. And an ex-girlfriend of mine. Thing is, both the people who checked in died in the last year (the dog is, thankfully, doing fine).

Now, none of these accounts are interconnected to the other except by me. I don't think anyone would be running these accounts and actively checking them in to places, especially within just a couple hours of one another. This just totally creeped me out, and I'm not sure how or why this would happen.

I'm trying to keep cool about the situation, and not take offense at the general distastefulness of users that have passed away having automatic activities on the network. Honestly, I don't know the circumstances as to why this would've happened at all, so I'm giving Facebook the benefit of the doubt here. But can you think of any reason why this might've happened?

-Captain Temerity @captaintemerity "

"During this week's episode, I heard Sarah say she didn't have cable and I was wondering why. Do you consume all of your favorite TV shows via iTunes Season Pass or do you use other forms of media? Also, I heard Amber say she had an Android device, which I thought was odd because don't most apps first launch on the iPhone (i.e., inta.gram)? What made Amber opt for an Android?

Thanks, Jesse"



"Just reading about the Wrapp app, which lets you send gift cards to FB friends & had hugely successful pilot test in Sweden (yay Sweden). What do you think, rad or fad? Also, it's crazy they had to launch a new app to start the business for real, as FB deemed it spam after the initial testing phase.

Take care, Lara @larakillian"



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