The Social Hour 66

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The Social Hour
Episode 66

The Social Hour 66: Margaret Atwood

Amber & Sarah chat with iconic fiction author Margaret Atwood



"The debate about however each specific tweet is ok, or offensive is probably not relevant, but to have a discussion regarding how, or if you should moderate social media. And the other question is the fact that this of course has given the @sweden initiative huge attention, and many people are saying it´s a success.. I might add that I´m one of the Swedes that isn´t amused by reading ignorant tweets from someone representing Sweden..Would love to hear your reflections… Cheers from Stockholm!/Mathias"

SOCIAL TIP: Add video to you LinkedIn profile to make it come alive

  • If you know how to embed a video in a PowerPoint presentation, then you can easily put a video in your LinkedIn profile with the SlideShare app. You can embed the video in the first slide and set it to launch when your profile is accessed, or use the first slide to introduce the video.

HASHTAG OF THE WEEK #NASCAR - Twitter unveils first TV ads

RAD OR FAD? Bloomingdale's lets you design shoes from store window



  • ad times: :50 - 1:06 and 31:32 - 34:03

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