The Social Hour 7

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The Social Hour
Episode 7

The Social Hour 7: Co-Founder Lee Sherman, Proxlet to mute tweets, WhoSay, journalism wars!

Amber & Sarah chat with yet-to-be-public Co-Founder Lee Sherman, install Proxlet to mute over-tweeters, is WhoSay rad or fad? All that and much more!





"A few weeks ago I called Time Warner Cable to add HBO to my cable subscription because I really wanted to watch the new Game of Thrones show. I called TWC a couple hours before the show and was told that I needed to call back the next day because they couldn’t resolve my issue. In my anger, having remembered what you had said about your Verizon issue, I went on to Twitter and tweeted to HBO that Time Warner Cable couldn’t add their channel to my account and consequently I couldn’t watch their show. Additionally, I said how much I hated TWC, etc., etc.

I woke up the next morning and I received a DM on Twitter from TWCable Help. Apparently they had seen my tweet complaining about them the night before and they wanted to see what they could do to assist me. Now, keep in mind that I had approximately 10 followers at this point on Twitter. In the grand scheme of Twitter, I have zero sway with anyone. I gave TWCable Help my info and within three hours they had phoned me directly and resolved my issue. I just wanted to let you guys know that it is apparently possible to get social media representatives to assist and resolve issues and its not just about “shutting people up” (even when you’re a Twitter nobody).

Sincerely, Tony Arlington "


"Bryan from Houston writes in:

I was wondering if you've heard of It's a great social web app that allows you to plugin all your social networks and creates a social timeline. Like what were you listening to a year ago via or what did I tweet 6 months ago.

It supports a pretty robust amount of networks.




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