The Social Hour 8

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The Social Hour
Episode 8

The Social Hour 8: How Xobni makes your inbox smarter, ultimate fighting champs getting paid to tweet, and a new service called mlkshk.. will it bring you to the yard?



  • UFC fighters to get paid to tweet
    • The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, is going to award fighters with monetary bonuses for using Twitter, the head of UFC has announced
    • Starting June 1, they will divide their fighters into 4 categories based on Twitter follower counts. Then, after every 3 months, 3 fighters from each category will get a $5k bonus based on how many followers they’ve gained, the biggest percentage of new followers gained and the most creative tweets, judged by UFC head Dana White.


    • their mission statement: CrowdVoice brings together the global community with the topics you care about and want to follow. It's user-powered - the submitted information is chosen and approved by the community. Instead of checking news, video and social networking sites for updates on the issues that matter to you, get your fix in one place and join the crowd by adding information or approving what others already submitted.
    • project by Mideast Youth... contributors from all over the middle east, appear to be based in Bahrain. Donation-based
    • better than following @acarvin on Twitter? depends on how you like your news delivered


"Hi ladies: Love the show. The question remains as to the real power of social media to drive traffic when compared to traditional website strategies. We gush over the power of Facebook and Twitter but as to driving traffic, are they "really" that relevant? - Len Sipes

(link to crazy stats that put Google, Yahoo, and Drudge Report at the top of all referral traffic online)



    • image sharing service
    • 3 mb or under, more meme than quality
    • nsfw filter, 4chan differentiator

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